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The Twins

We all can deliberately develop ourselves. Intentionally building the way we think, act, and feel

We are obsessed with the 'process of progress,' and 'power of potential.' It is our passion to walk with people desiring to live their dreams. 

Harrison and Henry have been a part of winning teams, coached by some of the best in the country, and done their part to lead every opportunity possible. The brothers strength lies in a disciplined work ethic, relentless search for wisdom, and a desire for the plans God has for them.


Before attending the University of North Carolina ( Business Degree ) both graduated from the Summit Country Day School. ( K- 12 ) There the brothers played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. 


At Summit the seeds were planted, both found that fulfillment came from pursuing peak performance physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. These mostly unseen distinctions made the biggest difference on the field, in the classroom, and with community. 


All the growth being intentional - the brothers now work to make it systematic and replicable. The soul desires greatness, and they believe it is meant for all.

This mission has led them to write, speak, coach, create and mentor. Resources below:

If you make every decision in your reality with your dreams in mind,

you dreams will become your reality.


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The First Practice...
First practice all we wanted to do was quit. It was so cold we cried during and after it. 

Wanting to quit is part of the deal,
not quitting is where the magic happens. 

No practice could have been more painful than the first, from that day on it just go better and better!

As we say, "life get's better when you get better. The Sport becomes more fun when you are progressing and improving!"
The First mission...

We started our first business in high school with our best friend after our community was deeply impacted by a student committing suicide. This was the first realization of the prisons the mind can create. As three future D1 athletes, all we knew was working hard, and that’s what we did! Our Mantra was “Champion state of Mind.” 

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The First Set-backs...

Both of us have torn our ACL's and come back stronger each time (Harrison twice).  Each set-back was an incredible set-up and it's been a privilege to help athletes return from what seems to be an unfortunate circumstance. Handled correctly it can be a character defining journey and incredible blessing. 

The First Big Dream...

The First big dream was to compete in the ACC and play for North Carolin!


Made in "His image," we are meant to be creators. He is the Creator. What a fun challenge, to be Co-Creators with the creator. Create your life, dreams, and impact.


The First Shop... 

Starting a donut shop with our best friend was one of the most fun experiences of our lives. Learning to genuinely love every face that came up to the window was a timeless lesson.

We were able to donate over $3,000 to fight Child Sex Trafficking. 

The First Book...

Harrison published The Angel in the Marble a day before his 21st Birthday. Being a relentless reader since his brother tore his ACL in 2017, Harrison read around 100 books a year.. This book was a culmination of those first understandings.


Rewritten and revised from the first edition - the book is an eye opening, challenging, and transformational read for anyone.

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Harrison Schertzinger
Now we are here!

The Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy exists to build GREAT lacrosse players and make dreams a reality.

Henry Schertzinger
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