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An Ordered Desire

The ‘check the box’ trend of showing up to class and completing assignments to get them done has created a culture of complacency and glorifying the ‘duty.’ We have become a generation that applauds completion, instead of the excellence.

The answer is in the individual. Yes, it is great to get something done, but, when doing something you are proud of, the standard has to be higher.

Each rep is not to be completed.

Again, it seems that individual awareness is the cure to this problem. Are you just going through the motions? Or are you going to GROW through the motions? Existing, not getting called out, staying with the group, has created a trend of conformity.

I encourage you to raise the standard.

Pushing for more is never easy when conditioning, however, you know if you stopped it would be done because of desiring comfort instead of excellence.

You have to stop checking the box.

Instead, track the reality, and set your goal of what excellence is. Know when you are training what has been your performance in the past, and continue to raise that.

Top class performers have quantified their results and know how to maximize these numbers. Generally, in your day do you know what excellence would look like?

I encourage you to bring clarity to this. Begin to create categories and specifics to those details,, then track your execution.

Desiring comfort over greatnesss is disordered. We are meant for greatness.

Keep going - keep growing.

Live on Purpose

Henry Schertzinger

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