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Anchor or Motivator

Dear Player,

There is a chance you know someone who lives a life of incredible comfort. Not materialistic comfort, but one of personal complacency. They are simply not striving, just going with the ~flow~

As an athlete this is the player who goes to the mandatory practices only, doesn’t push themselves during conditioning, and will avoid being sore like the plague.

Since having a relationship with a similar player is almost unavoidable, this is what you should keep in mind.

First: your desire for more, and commitment to the process will make them uncomfortable. Good, this will confirm you are creating distance between who you were, and who you are becoming.

Second: Your dream WILL BE worth it, and your personal testimony is critical.

Third: Your dream will not compare to the reward of seeing someone change their athlete career because you said YES to changing yours.

Fourth: The ultimate gift is being surrounded by those who made the choice of taking the road less traveled.

As an athlete - you have an obligation to those on your team to encourage and inspire them. They need to see and feel your passion. The player labeled as the ‘anchor,’ can be your motor. My entire career I have been driven by this unspoken motivation.

This letter is not for everyone, but the leader who knows the responsibility of holding a standard can refer back to the spirit of this message.

Your actions alone can change someone's career, and revive a team.

Player - keep going, keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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