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Be moved to tears

Dear Player,

A musician can be moved to tears by Motzart, and an artist has the trained eye to recognize the brilliance behind each brushstroke. The distinction between how we consume our surroundings can be dramatically different depending on our level of knowledge and experience.

How has this been a motivator for me?

A day came where I wanted to strive for a specific level so I could partake in conversations. Without running a marathon, your opinion on how to run 26+ miles is not very valid. If you are not in the kitchen regularly - your advice to a chef is not taken with seriousness.

All of us know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. Only being able to take what the ‘critic’ says for consideration. This is something my brother and I have always been motivated by. A deep desire to be in the arena. Able to share real impactful testimony, and walk with others striving to do the same.

Anyone who has attended our training knows we say:

“It is cool to be great at something. Great at being YOU.”

This statement has multiple different dimensions. First, yes it is fulfilling to do quality work, but in my opinion even more rewarding is, the recognition of, and awareness towards the true work it takes to DO something.

Another unique nature of achievement is you are automatically placed in a ‘tribe’ of others who have undertaken the same dream.

  • NASCAR drivers have a special bond due to the journeys they took to get in the seat of that car.

  • In college, being an athlete on campus comes with an automatic support crew from the rest of the teams who know your desire to WIN.

  • SEALS go through hell in training, and class after class forge the brotherhood around this common achievement.

Not all will understand this motivation. Personally it is one of my greatest leverages to get through the tough times. I want to be able to relate to the dreamers who set out, went through hell, but overcame. Deep in me is the desire to sit at a table with leaders who felt immense pressure, and answered with courage. Relate with Saints. Be moved to tears in joy by athletes who have their “moment.”

My desire for you is to be a practitioner in what brings you to life. An expert.

If that is lacrosse, go all in.

You will recognize this unique nature, and the true rewards of making the choice. All the brilliance around you will begin to shine its true beauty.

Keep going - keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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