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Being upset about slow internet has a ripple effect...

Dear Player,

In our culture we have been bred to desire results instantly. Ones that satisfy our needs. Amazon is working on a predictive shopping experience that will send the item to your house before you order it - Instagram is listening to our conversations to see what ads will appeal to us. How often do you find yourself getting upset with how slow the internet is loading?

There is a major miscalibration in our connection with change or results.

“People want to be Superman overnight.”

What this translates into is young players being discouraged when they do not get the “results” as quickly as their daily search results. This ripple is detrimental.

Churches used to take decades to build. Sculptures people interacted with daily came from hours and hours of work, and the community knew this. The gauge for how long something took was properly calibrated.

“Wow that is beautiful, just think of the time they spent bringing that to life.”


“That is awesome. I bet I could do that too.

Both statements have fact, but one is much more connected to reality. A young player who dreams of making an impact for their team in High School or college, must partner this with a clear understanding for what the WORK looks like, and not just the results. Search results are great, but think of what is behind them.

If we look hard enough it is all around us! Successful marriages, successful companies, successful students, successful athletes. One detail they will all share is - it takes consistent, intentional WORK. However, it is worth it.

What do I encourage you to do?

If there is something you desire - ask ‘am I interested or committed?”

A commitment is made to the process. Interest is just in the results. Anyone who desires to know what it takes can find the answers. Be curious.

Keep going - Keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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