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Bring Possibility Closer

Outside of wisdom, a trait that bears much fruit when multiplied is discipline. All of us have a ‘habit’ we are not proud of, or feel does not represent our identity, but situations make our momentary rationalization bring back this vice.

As an athlete, discipline is not all about pushing yourself, but being able to endure.

Endure boredom, discouragement, injury, setbacks, and even praise.

Have you been injured before?

Or worn a cast?

Think of what happens to that muscle when it is not used for an extended period of time. Like a grape it shrinks. It becomes weak. The same is true with your discipline. It can be trained and strengthened - which as an athlete will bring possibilities closer.

It is tough to go out in the winter to maintain practice, or wake up a early to read and write before school. It is not easy to reflect and examine the day in the evening. Stretching before bed when you are exhausted seems like the effort of a lifetime, however, a disciplined mind will know skipping or ignoring something is not an option.

How do you get to this point?

Of unshakable resolve.

There must be a shift in desire. The outcome you dream of - has to be worth more than the temporary comfort that is keeping you from enduring.

Where can you sharpen discipline daily?

With your alarm, or making your bed. I’ve had weeks where I had to be woken up every morning. From the 5th-8th grade my Mom had to rip my blankets off to get me up, but discipline in the morning is something I committed to. Honoring the gift of the day.

My longing to make the most of the morning and answer the call of life is more than the comfort of my bed. This does not mean that sometimes I lose and go back to sleep. However, I set back off the next day to keep fortifying my discipline.

Discipline transcends all areas of your life.

My encouragement is to begin creating the small ‘tests’ daily that can be moments for refinement. I have many - and all can be audited to see where the health of my discipline is at.

Player - keep going, keep growing. Much love.

You are meant to have great discipline. With it your dreams are within reach.

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