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DON'T SAY NEVER... Well for this you can.

Dear Player,

Any statement including the word NEVER is quite bold. Especially today where contracts and lawsuits come down to every detail of the wording. NEVER is very rarely said. However, I stand by the statement:

“Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results.”

Why is this so impactful when applied to athletics?

Having good thoughts and actions is a very conscious endeavor. It is not often that the normal player goes out to train (not practice, extra training) with pure thoughts of love, partnered with a clear intention and plan for the time. IF you do, then keep on going, because you are destined for notable results.

However, for the rest of us, let's break down where to begin when understanding the application of this quote.

Compensation is a perfectly balanced scale. What is often unaccounted for is all the variables that make it balanced in order to receive what you truly desire. ‘Why do ‘Good thoughts” have to be included if my actions are consistent?’ In the realm of things unseen, your energy will not be aligned with what you are working for, and lack of coherence is what stops many.







Whoever does these things it shall be given to them.

I encourage you as a player to take a moment of silence before you step on the field. This may be before training, practice, or a game. Declare your intentions and desires for the moments ahead, and partner them with a deep love for the results that you see. Your actions will soon be aligned with these moments you are living in your head.

Thoughts lead to action, actions are the touchstone for reality. You can shape your current reality through good thoughts.

Break this down as a player - think about where you have been mentally the last couple days.

Love the process.

Keep going - Keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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