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We have two great coaches available for small group and individual training. 

Jada Brandon! A current player at Xavier and also an awesome goalie instructor. We have seen her work with goalies the last week and are very impressed! This is a great opportunity for any girl's goalies looking to learn more about technique and grow in confidence. Also extending this to any boys goalies looking to learn more and get quality shots.

Aidan Sexton! He has trained with us for a couple years and is very well versed in our coaching cues, principles, and drills. He would be an incredible instructor for any youth players.

I highly recommend taking advantage of this if you have a son under the 6th grade who wants to learn more about the sport or even excel and take their game to the next level.

Harrison and I believe training does not lead to burnout, but generates a new and positive experience for players the next time they step on the field - If you have a son or daughter who will benefit from increased confidence, or is curious about the sport, an individual training is perfect for that. 

Jada will be at the barn from 10:30-12:30 most days.

To set up a time with either text 513-444-5199 


Henry Schertzinger

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