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On what ground?

Dear Player,

Three summers ago when our training crew was no more than 15 players - Harrison and I referred to classic imagery. “Sow the seeds.” Daily we would emphasize the importance of staying faithful to the process of the harvest.

Pick seeds.

Sow seeds.




Deciding to play lacrosse immediately picks the seeds, so what is next? The Bible teaches of the critical nature of soil - that where you sow the seeds is just as important as any other aspect.

We have always felt as though the soil in athletics is your intention. What was your intent during the training session? Were the seeds sown on quality soil?

-My definition for intention when applied to athletics.

Intention: The clarity of your desired useful future application for the training being done.

For some this may not resonate immediately. What I am referring to is all the times you go out to train with no real plan or purpose for how it will eventually manifest on the field of competition.

I am 100% guilty of this - there would be times in HS I'd go to the field to just say “I did the work,“ but with no intent. This letter is for the purpose of high performance and maximizing every moment, so I am not saying doing nothing is better than this - 1 > 0 always.

My encouragement is to begin having a clear goal when walking out to training. Make it as specific and as detailed as possible. Even write it into phone notes so that after you can reflect.

I want to improve the power of my first step when doing a left to left split dodge to the middle of the field from the right corner of the box.


I will work on shooting coming from behind the goal with my off hand coming out of a roll dodge at X.

These reps mean more - you are bringing them to existence in multiple forms. Thought, word, and action. Additionally, drills do not have to be done with 100% effort when done with a high clarity of the purpose. They are still reps being sown on good soil.

Keep going - keep growing.

One seed at a time - on fertile soil.

“Our intention creates our reality.” - Wayne Dyer

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