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You reading this may be relying on someone else to plan your growth, so at the bottom, this will be addressed.

For you who feels the pressure to achieve and the responsibility for making this happen:

What is your personal plan for growth?

How is progress made?

By truthfully looking at different aspects of your sport, and what inputs dictate performance in these areas. Sports can be broken down in so many ways, and honestly the more clarity in each area the better the plan can be.

The next step is committing to actions that can be measured. Additionally, these actions must be purposeful. Measuring how far I can hurl a lacrosse ball does not help me become a better lacrosse player. Now, if I was consistently tracking the speed of my shot, this would be purposeful.

Think of the general category of “strength.”

Yes, this can be measured, and is purposeful, but begin to bring more detail to all “strength” entails when it comes to your sport and position. Leg strength, as well as core, upper body and back. Within all these categories is flexibility and mobility. The practitioners of their performance have quantified how to maximize every category they can think of.

This is the beginning of a plan for growth. Clarity for where you are going, and how you get there. Just start with three simple categories. Athleticism, skill, mental health. Next, think of an action you can do every day to begin tracking growth in these areas. Could be pushups or body weight squats. Then commit to consistent investment in daily practice by logging minutes or reps. After that, find yourself a book to begin reading. There you have a plan for progress.

For you who is relying on someone else, this cannot be entirely true, read all that was just written and do the exact same thing. Bring clarity, create your conduct, allow it to guide your growth and direction.

If you want a result - live your life to a standard. There is so much freedom found in structure. I once heard “if you tossed me in the middle of the ocean I would not have fun, that is what people feel freedom is.” Structure and purpose gives you freedom. As individuals we can create incredible structure to operate and thrive out of.

I encourage you to begin creating this plan today.

We are here to help as well.

Keep going - keep growing.

Live on Purpose

Henry Schertzinger

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