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Set Process Goals

It was early February and we were getting ready to scrimmage Jacksonville heading into the 202 season, and it was freezing. One of those days where no part of you feels like it can sweat, and your gloves are stiffer than cardboard.

Learning from my freshman campaign, there were bold goals set to be an impact player. Writing as clearly and precisely as possible I read every day “I will score 20+ goals and have 20+ assists in the 2020 spring lacrosse season.”

This type of visualization, internalization, and motivation is great, but since then I have learned how to set real goals.

Being healthy is the natural result of taking care of yourself.

Being strong is the natural result of lifting.

Being fit is the natural result of conditioning.

Executing at a high level on the field is the natural result of practice. How well you perform is based on how often and intentionally you train. My goals now look much different AND result in playing with more peace than I have ever had.

Our desire for YOU is to achieve, and play with JOY and PEACE.

How more Peace?

First, my goals are process goals. Three for the rest of the year are:

Play 20+ minutes of wall ball every day.

Watch each practice on film.

Lift/train legs 5x a week.

Being stressed out before a game because of the uncertainty is crippling - every part of you desperately desires to perform, and this shows how much passion you havfor

The uncertainty is still there, but my faith is in the goals I have set - and as long as I continue to hit them, the natural result will be one I am proud of.

All of us want to turn these invisible desires into the visible. Begin by setting process goals. If you need help doing this, reach out. Set goals, become the person who achieves your dreams.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.” - Tony Robbins

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