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Slammed the Door

Dear Player,

All of us have been in a conversation that was not anything miraculous, but it left us feeling different. Our spirits were lifted not simply by the words, but the energy. Behind words and actions there is an underlying sentiment that leaves a ripple effect.

Think of that time you stormed out of the house and did not just shut the door, but slammed it. More was said than just your exit. The action told a story, but the true meaning was communicated through the emotion.

It is easy to tell at practice who is doing a drill with resentment in their heart. There could be someone right next to them performing the EXACT SAME way, however, the action is being done in love, and therefore is more beneficial to future success.

This sounds insignificant, but can be the greatest separator when extrapolated.

Every time you do something with anger or resentment it wears down the stress and strain you are able to take. On the other hand when you perform out of love it strengthens your ability to endure the road ahead.

Every time I go out to train there is a moment I audit the emotions felt towards what I am about to do. If the desire is lacking, all it takes is a moment of remembering how lucky I am to have the opportunity to train and compete.

“I am healthy, I get to train.”

What this moment does is not just redirect the current direction of my action, but it also ripples into the future where the repeated actions done with anger and resentment would have worn me down. Negative emotions in athletes manifest in injury and lack of confidence. Protecting your mind when competing could not be more valuable to your metal as well as physical health.

I am not saying to stop training if you are resenting the exercises, but instead, take a moment to reorient yourself to the reason you are making the effort to be great. Today, we have a remembering problem. We forget how great ‘health’ feels, forget the joy something once brought us, or the fulfillment exercise gave us.

I encourage you to audit the underlying emotions when you are performing. Work to do everything out of love.

Keep going - keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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