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The Preppers

“As soon as that happens, then I will get ready”

We have become a reactionary generation. Reacting to bad news. Reading the feed and feeling its effects. The opposite is how you create an advantage.

Being offensive. The preppers.

I think it was the History channel that had a show all about ‘preppers.’ They were made to seem insane, and misinformed. However, their nature was drawn towards the idea of being equipped for anything. Verses the mindset of “once it happens, then I will get read.”

We are called to be ready when the opportunity presents itself. As a player, prepare for the game winning shot, the game winning stop. Do not think

“when I am elected a leader I will start to lead.”

“Once I get hurt I will take care of my body.”

“As soon as I feel dehydrated I’ll start to drink more.”

Be a prepper. As an athlete, work to be ready for any situation. Run farther, train harder, put yourself in situations that are not all that common.

I encourage you to fight against the complacency of “getting the job done,’ or ‘being just fine.” You never know when a circumstance could change.

Work to bring clarity to this idea.

Keep going - Keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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