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THIS IS ME... Is it?

Dear Player,

It is easy to look like ‘the one’ for just a moment. All of us have someone in mind, think of that person who can fool every parent in the room for being a ‘good kid.’

Your instagram profile is not “who you are.”

James Allen says “Prosperity rests upon a moral foundation.” The alignment of your character with aspirations on the field are critically important. If you want to go a far distance, you will need people who support you, and this happens through charity.

“Do you not see that virtue or vice emit a breath every moment.”

Off the field lends to the nature you will possess on the field. Have you ever heard someone say “it makes sense he/she is good.” Success leaves clues, and it is almost always built on a moral foundation.

“It is okay to do…. It is something I don't care about.”

Throw a large rock in a lake and watch what happens - even a small pebble into the bathtub. There is not a part of the shore that does not receive the impact of that rock or pebble. This is similar to the cause and effect with your athletic careers.

‘These choices are not me as a player.’

I want to emphasize that these letters are for those desiring to be GREAT, and not experience short term success. For the one who wants fulfillment and passions for ALL OF LIFE. It takes coherence in thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Integrity.

Think of it as a system of perfect compensation when it comes to your identity. Show love to teammates, and they will support you. Love the sport, and it will give its gifts to you. BE THE ONE whose success makes sense, because that is who you are. It is not about instagram posts, but living life.

Creating a lifestyle.

Make who you are excellent. Socially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

My encouragement is to dive deeper into this.

Where in life are you holding a high standard?

Where are you not?

Last detail, personally, it used to be letting my room get messy. But, how would this leak into the rest of my life if it was not controlled.

Keep going - keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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