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Week 5 Newsletter

If Harrison and I were to lay down cornerstones, I think without delay we would both say ‘Faith & Purpose,’ ‘Family & Friends,’ Health & Fitness,’ and ‘Reading & Learning.’

Diving into books has changed our lives. The devotion has gotten us through ACL surgeries, as well as taken our drive to new heights. A quote we teach often is “you can skip a meal, but don’t skip your reading.

Keeping it short, I find the autobiographies transformational. The fact that between the first and last page is every lesson and story this figure deemed worthy to share is amazing to me. An entire life consumed in hours. Many parallels can be drawn to our lacrosse sessions and the techniques that we share. It is what we deem worthy from our last 18 + years of playing the sport. Almost ALL are skills and details we learned in the last 1-3 years. The value is effective and transformational! Meant to be experienced and integrated immediately.

This reflection always makes my brother and I think “could you imagine if we had…” but we know God's plan is perfect, and he likely gave us this journey so we can teach the game in such a way.

“The power of deliberate practice is undeniable… Once the nervous system and its laws are understood and leveraged, years of practice can be installed in minutes through moments of deep-focused practice.” - Harrison

This past weekend was awesome. I think the intensity was the best it has ever been, that being said, we will continue to divide and train in a similar fashion. We are thankful for those who have been a part of this fall/winter training series so far. Players have truly come with one goal in mind, to learn and challenge themselves, as a coach it makes instruction a pleasure.

The girls indoor league went down to the last second. It has been incredible watching players compete. All will continue to grow and evolve. Looking forward to sharing more from this.

Hope to see you soon!

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

Founded on Quality

Built on Passion

Measured by Impact

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