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Your Miracle

How many videos a day do you watch of someone whose life is inspiring?

Or read a short article of a person living life to the fullest?

In both situations think: “I wish that was me…the would be a miracle.”

It is easy for people to be discouraged by consuming this content. They feel like success is a scarce resource, that if ‘someone wins it means I can’t.” This mindset will keep you trapped.

One of the most encouraging facts is that ANYONE can elevate their life through a conscious endeavor. If you BELIEVE it, you can do it. Just think of the 4 minute mile before Roger Bannister broke the barrier and showed everyone what was possible.

I have watched players put in off season hours that transformed their careers! They believed in it. Think of what players have made possible through the years.

Why is this not possible for me?

Miracles aren't absent today because of a lack of power. Look at all the innovation around us daily. Miracles don’t happen because of a lack of faith.This lack of faith is also what keeps others' testimonies from being fuel - I used to avoid scrolling instagram, or getting on YouTube because of all the people ‘winning.’

Now I get on it to be reminded of what lies ahead if I stay committed to the process.


Same is true with your life. Knowledge and belief are the precursors to action. You have to believe in what is possible - know what is necessary - and then act - you will be witness to your ‘miracle.’

Any feat I accomplished that was seemingly ‘impossible’ at the time, was conquered by belief, and then consistent action. Both are critical.

Think more into this. What do you want to have your next miracle be? Who else has had their miracle? How did they do this?

Sometimes we get to see the miracle; other times we get to be the miracle.

Your miracle is ahead.

Keep going - keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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