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Join the Community!

The Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy exists to inspire the next generation, grow the game, and build GREAT lacrosse players.

Our desire is for Southern Ohio to  achieve success at every level.

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 Your Progress, is our Passion.  Your Triumph, is our Trophy.

"Our mission is to elevate the game of lacrosse by empowering athletes to become champions on and off the field through expert coaching, elite training techniques, and a commitment to fostering a positive culture of excellence. Our passion for teaching and leading athletes will build lifelong skills, friendships, and memories."

Henry Schertzinger
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ALL IN Program

The ALL IN program is for those who aspire to reach their fullest potential. This is full-time mentorship and tailoring a personal program to each players goals!

"With them it is easy to be great.

Their belief fills you with your own."

Founded on Quality - Built on Passion - Measured on Impact

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Look forward to seeing you soon. God Bless!

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