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Players overestimate what they can do in an hour and underestimate what they can achieve in 100 - 1,000.

Ready for another great month of training. Multiple areas blew away expectations in June.

First, the culture. 

What has begun to shine?

The players have so much respect for each other. A large group spends 8:00-12:30 together daily, this is not insignificant - the friendships being formed will last a lifetime. 

The next aspect : ownership of intensity, also, ownership of deficiencies.

Sometimes during our “Skill work” from 9:30-10:30 when players are recovering from lift we have them partner pass with the dictum “take responsibility for your weaknesses, fight battles now so you don’t have to fight them in the future.” Recently we have seen a sharper focus. Instead of seeing this as a time to relax and just “pass” -  players have been attacking the opportunity. 

‘Intensity and intention tip the scale in your favor for a breakthrough.’   

Second was our strength program - Something that has been a concept until now. We believe the lacrosse athlete should be trained almost completely different than other sports. Especially the typical “strength program.” Maybe closest comparatively would be NHL players, however, the throwing motion of lacrosse makes a similar impact on the shoulders as a baseball pitcher. 

An oversimplification of what we communicated to Brett “We believe the players should train some form of legs every day, speed work and agility separates, core and lower back is critical, the shoulders/upper back take a beating on offense and defense” (need to be bulletproof) 

 Almost 5 weeks in, the program has been masterful and something we are very proud to be a part of - also, we know it will reap incredible results in the coming months.

With most summer lacrosse tournaments coming to a close in the coming weeks - the schedule will return to a consistent Monday - Friday. 

All indicators are showing incredible progress. Our systems are being refined daily. We are inspired by our players' efforts constantly and they are a synchronized call to continually elevate our own standards. 

The Academy team looks forward to sharing some exciting announcements soon. 

Always looking to take the ALL IN program to the next level.

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

- Napoleon Hill

All are welcome who have the shared desire to pursue excellence, possess a curiosity for potential, and genuinely want to be great. This community is for you. 


Henry Schertzinger

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