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A Great Adventure

Just like any sincere pursuit, Lacrosse is an incredible refining fire if you give it your heart. The struggles, sacrifices, and patience will produce fruit that can last a lifetime. That is what we hope for. 

The point of going ALL IN isn't to make playing carefree, but to make it fully MEAN SOMETHING. 

However, we will never elevate the game above its proper role. Oftentimes we share about the disordered desire which turns the game into an identity/idol. This is not what we want.


The sport caused a lot of pain in my life… it broke my heart and embarrassed me in front of thousands at times… but I gave it an unconditional promise of effort until the end. Until my career was over I would continue to pursue my best, regardless of how the sport was returning the favor. 

Something we share with our players is that “you are always in relationship.” With your family, friends, sports, education, and God. It is a struggle, but an ‘unconditional love’ is one that can conquer anything. 

Looking back, I am so grateful I never cursed the sport on the days I wanted to… I stayed ALL IN. 

This is truly the greatest challenge. 

“Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”


Obviously, not everything is deserving of your heart  - However, a future in lacrosse is a great adventure, the college programs are incredible opportunities, and when given everything, nothing is not out of anyone's reach. 

We look forward to meeting all the new players who will be joining the community in the coming weeks. I encourage you to register and get your spot - with our initial schedule there's a limit to how many players will be able to train. 


Henry Schertzinger 

Thank you for mercy when it comes to communication. If you email or FB message it will likely be missed, however, if you TEXT me 513-444-5199 I will get back with you as quickly as possible. 

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