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A Plea to the Player

“The attempt and not the deed confounds us.” - Shakespear

The brilliance of this quote is that it simply illuminates the fact that it's in the failure to follow through on intentions that leads to confusion and regret, not the actual deed itself. In the ‘going for it’ is the win, the action is the win, because regardless you learn something about yourself.

Harrison and I were able to take a trip to our grandparents house which was a great reward after 11 weeks straight of lacrosse 6-7 days a week. The day with them was filled with wonderful conversation and relaxing times for reflection. A statement was made multiple times which parallels perfectly this ‘window’ of opportunity most of our players are in.

“I should have...”

“I was going to...”

Being shared were memories of building a business, being a young country boy, and coaching football. The “I should have… “ and “I was going to…” statements highlighted our human nature of holding on to regret - not forgetting what we could have done.

Back in April I wrote a piece titled ‘The “Window” which addressed these unique seasons of growth we enter into as players which must be taken advantage of. ‘The present moment is the door to all future moments.’

This is the end of summer plea to players to follow through on the desires you had. You are entering another “Window” of time.

If you wanted to begin a new daily set of habits, begin that now! If you left training thinking ‘I am going to cradle my stick around the house to help my ball handling,’ begin that now! If you have thought “I am going to commit to daily wall ball,” begin that now! If you wanted to do pushups and other body weight movements consistently, begin that now!

Do not let this inspiration or dream pass without pursuing it.

I have been involved in the conversations that went like “I was going to travel to ____ and do that, but never did, should have.” Almost for certain, the lessons learned on the journey will be even greater than the destination, but regardless, the arrival and the experiences will not take place if you do not go for it.

(5-10 years from now) “I should have done the daily wall ball, I wonder if it would have been worth it?”

Do it. Because, it is worth it.

Go ALL IN - this does not mean you immediately cut everything else out, BUT you investigate the question ‘how great can I be,’ and you answer that question with a sincere pursuit.

“The heaviest things in life aren't Iron and Gold, but unmade decisions, the reason you are stressed is that you have decisions to make and you are not making them.” Alex Hormozi

Decide. Commit to the decision.

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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