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ALL IN Program

The opportunity to participate in Athletic and Lacrosse training aligned with the highest ideal. 

Post college, advice was given to do regular training around the midwest with different programs throughout the year. Similar to what you see from professional players doing the camp touring model.

However, we wanted to go deep instead of wide. Put our time into players at a level that has never been seen. Watch unknowns become stars.

This summer will be a Ode to this dream.  


Strength trainers Emily Faas, Brett Finnie, and Sarah Buckley bring over 25 years of combined experience coaching athletes and are understanding more every day of what makes an impactful LACROSSE player. 

The daily rhythm:

Our first group will begin lifting at 8 and conclude around 9:30, which will be followed by skill work, and then our first training session at 10:30. 



Skill Work (Lacrosse only players will show up around 10)


Between each session we expect players to hydrate, eat / nutrition, as well as recover. Hopefully bringing a gallon to ½ gallon of water (they will have access to more water) , snacks, and a towel (for sweat). More information will be sent out on snack recommendations.

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." 

We love this. Harrison and I align our lives with the fact, however, replace “training” with “Systems.” We fall to the level of our systems. As an Academy, we are putting together a System which will elevate an individual to the level of their commitment. 

I remember our parents asking coaches from around the state “How do we get our boys to the next level,” with the answer being “teams/national teams.”. Club teams are valuable, but they do not typically champion development. This is a developmental SYSTEM. 

The answer to the questions.

How do I get them to play with more confidence?

How do I become a HS All American?

How do I play D1, D2, D3 Lacrosse?

How do I become the best?


This is the start of that system. If you go ALL IN, anything is possible.

 For the sake of the fruit which it will produce, Harrison and I are committed to an obsessive refinement of standards and best practices. 

With the players, everything will continue to develop.  

Your Triumph is our Trophy, Your Progress is our Passion.

Spring 2024 was an incredible success for all of our players. Looking forward to what is possible in the coming months. 


Henry Schertzinger

*Will announce our defensive coach in the coming day. Please share this with someone who may be interested.

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