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Always Room

Driving home from High School games this Spring I have had the same thought almost every time. 

“There is always room for someone who pursues mastery…”

What I mean by this is that although the fields are fully occupied and positions filled, a role is available for someone who REALLY takes the game seriously. 

Who has recognized the short window of time that they get to play/train, and holds each opportunity as a fleeting precious gift. That someone will be irreplaceable wherever they go. 

This being said, the success and accomplishments of our players so far this spring is more than inspiring. The fruits of the last 8-9 months are coming to harvest, but still we know the community is meant for so much more. A renaissance era culture. Where mastery is pursued and the beauty of the sport is observed and enjoyed. AND ultimately, this spirit of excellence is adopted and used by our athletes in all of life. To separate and win.

In 2024 we endeavor to strengthen the case and build more evidence for how worth it this pursuit is. How real the possibility - and honestly, how deserving every single player is of it.

What would be the result if you knew exactly how long something took? 

A thought:

We see games that are widely distributed in culture which require waiting to “upgrade”... an example being Clash of Clans possibly. Here you can undoubtedly find gamers spending MONEY to bypass this waiting period. Therefore, no matter how transparent and finite the “wait time is” some people are just not patient enough to endure it. HOWEVER, you can guarantee there are a few…

These are people we serve. The ones who want to HONESTLY hear “If you put in a FOCUSED 35-40 weeks of training you will be in the same category as the best in the country, but it won’t be easy! But it will be worth it” 

Hypothetically, this number exists. The “time” that is ticking down on the clock for that “upgrade” which players desire. The question is who is willing to put in the time. Without a doubt, there is a spot on the field for them. 

Hope to see YOU soon. 


Henry Schertzinger

*This is being written by someone who listens to podcasts on 1.25-2x speed, and does not read every word of every book. Far from perfect, but I have the experience to say skill acquisition can be done at almost any capacity. Currently 12 weeks into a 5 year pursuit. Patient and willing to put in the time. 


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