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When endured it can be almost torturous, however you are always wiser.

Moments when the spirit is ready to continue, but the body has nothing left, OR, the opposite, when your body has more to give, however, the spirit is burnt out.

This is the player who has stepped on the field mentally and emotionally unprepared to play. Resulting in a body that is ready to compete, but unwilling. 

Flip this imbalance: I have seen even more frequently the athlete who is engaged, intense, and desires to compete, however, their body cannot push to the same capacity! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. 

Both are critical. When combined and equally prepared the effort is almost unstoppable.

A topic we covered last weekend with our players was body language. This has to do with the spirit. Even over an hour into training how mentally and emotionally engaged can you be? Is your posture showing that you are worn down, or ready to go for another hour?

The other topic we hammer at training is FITNESS! This is the difference maker. Fatigue can make a coward out of anyone - it can also kill confidence and opportunity. (By hammer I mean talk about, not actually condition them)

A training, we can make a difference on the SPIRIT, so I cannot encourage it enough, even this far into the spring season, to find a daily routine that makes small investments into various forms of:

Lower body

Upper body



Aerobic capacity /  vo2 Max 

Obviously over the summer and Fall when the All In program is back, we will endeavor to make the strongest, fastests, most talented, and mentally / emotionally resilient players in the country, BUT until then… may the players continue to grow daily.

Mentally, podcasts are awesome. One I’d recommend is “The Infinite Game Podcast,” however, if players do not have time for that, than I hope they continue to clarify: 

Why do they play?

Who do they play for?

What does success look like emotionally? (JOY, FULFILLMENT) 

Where will it take them?

This will strengthen the spirit day by day. Over my 5 years at UNC it was incredible how big of a difference this made. When the body was crushed, emotionally I was fatigued, and circumstances were not completely in my favor… the spirit kept the fire burning. 

I saw in my mind those I could not let down… even the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade versions of myself that sacrificed so much for me to be there. And ultimately, the huge games I dreamed of playing against Duke, Virginia, Notre Dame, and Syracuse. 

On a cold day in November it is easy to say “ehhh I don’t think I need to fight for it today,” if you had not clearly imagined scoring a game changing goal at Syracuse in the dome with your grandparents, parents, and family watching… this I was blessed to dream and live. When discouraged and banged up my spirit and faith in this kept me going.

An April prayer for our players: that they may continue to grow both spiritually / mentally / emotionally and physically. With equal fervor. 

We will keep doing our part to teach the lacrosse ‘skills.’ 


Henry Schertzinger

*Like we did for our own careers - we now equally dream of what the Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy can be for all the players that are and will be involved. Appreciate you being a part of it. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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