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Summers of the past - Too many games, not enough training. 

Harrison and I look to understand “burnout” better and how it happens. Our most recent concession, “yes, it would be boring to continually playing the same game over and over with predictable circumstances and outcomes.” 

We believe that is what happens when the inputs never change. The outcome becomes predictable. Players experience the same stresses, same moments of failure, success, and everything in between. It is TRAINING which makes a player approach the next game with an excited curiosity.

Constant theme: “Stay curious.” 

The next rep it all could change! By the end of the next hour you could be on a completely new level. 

A small part in the defense against burnout.

Stay curious. It can be a great adventure.


Henry Schertzinger




We will be communicating directly with those "registered," so please register to recieve the most up to date information.

Strength training will be first for the ALL IN players. 

This will begin around 8 o'clock.

After that players will hydrate, fuel/nutrition, and begin “skill work,” this will be disciplined passing and addresses where most players are deficient relative to the best. It is also what makes the game a lot more fun and less stressful. (Catching and throwing with both hands) 

After that we will have our first training session beginning around 10:30.

The most important times to confirm are pickup and drop off for players. Right now for ALL IN players it seems to be 8:00-12:00. 

First lacrosse sessions will be : 10:30 - 12:00 or 9:45-12:00 depending if you arrive for the “skill work.”

Second lacrosse session: 12:00-1:30 * IF we need a second.

Ideally we will have (Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3) 

Group 1 will be first and be all HS players.

Group 2 will be Middle School

Group 3 will be anyone who cannot come in the morning. 

This is our first summer with this model - therefore, we will be adapting and iterating quickly.

Appreciate you all, we believe the results will be like nothing this city has ever seen. Truly raising the standard. 



Is it for boys too?

  • Yes, in the summer, when the groups are large enough, boys and girls will be separated.

When is youth? *Under the 6th grade

  • There will be 2-3 opportunities for youth each week. Same times.

Is this for defenders?

  • YES, we have an awesome coach who is currently attending West Point. Will be a great resource for defenders. More info coming this week.

Can you start in the middle of a month?

  • You can start whenever works best for your schedule.

Will training be offered in the evening?

  • Potentially 2x a week we will have an evening training session.

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