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"Every artist was first an amateur.”

How long are you able to wait in order to see results?

Are you okay with not being great right away?

Certain answers to these questions are what we have seen correlate to success in recent weeks of training. It is shocking watching players react to struggles faced during training, almost as if there is a belief that it should be easy to acquire skill after skill. Does not need to be said, but this is not true.

In the community we have very talented players competing at the college level. Some have trained with Harrison and I for 3+ years, which totals up to hundreds of hours. And still, concepts are wrestled with and unmastered. One of our players had been working on a dodge for almost 2 years until it finally clicked and the rhythm fell into place. It is a daily battle.

Recently we have been communicating to the players that 95% + of the time you are grinding and hammering away for that breakthrough that inverts the progress curve which seems to be flat or downward trending. Two breakthroughs could be hours apart, then the next not for a couple weeks. This is where the mindset around commitment is critical and must be solidified.

With intentional, focused, and high energy training breakthroughs are inevitable, and the only factor which can stop one from happening is a player literally quitting. This is why we love the community of the Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy, this is why the value output per training is so high.

When attending the Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy sessions on the weekend or being a part of the ALL IN program Monday - Friday you are almost guaranteed to see someone level up their game, and it very well could be you. This alone is inspiring, and creates tangible momentum in a player's game which is priceless on the journey. It is what keeps the fire burning, what makes a player want to do wall ball, run extra, strength train, and elevate themselves outside of training. Momentum needs to be nurtured and fed as much as possible, which is what consistent training and an encouraging community does. Combine that with training that translates to the game almost immediately and you’ve got a dangerous combination.

The last couple weeks have been inspiring. Fall club tournaments are ahead, but the 2024 Spring season is way on the horizon - still so much time for players to take their games to the next level.

We will keep pushing all those involved!

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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