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The last months of training have emphasized the power of consistency, but that unpaired with fellowship becomes burdensome for even the most passionate. This is the uniqueness of the Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy.

Highlighted today at our CrossFit class, a comment was made “I could never do anything like this at home.” The remark was not triggered due to lack of equipment, though it could be true, however not today, it was made because of the irreplicable energy training with people produces. 

And this is not binary. Someone does not just have energy or not have energy. It is always on a gradient scale - Energy can increase and decrease. The more energy, the more capacity. 

This is a constant focus of ours when training. 

Proposed to our players “As a leader, how are you impacting training? 

With your presence? 

Your voice?

 With your effort?

These details we work to take intentional inventory of because we believe it makes a massive difference in the longevity and potential of training.  

Heading into the Spring season this could be the biggest difference that players sense contrasting practice with our after school training environment. That, “there is really low energy.” “People do not enjoy being there.” “Nobody plays with passion.”

Which will then lead to comments that seem out of nowhere like “It is not as fun as it once was.” BUT, this is not random, it is actually predictable. Community changes everything.

We are for those who have a deep desire to succeed. Our community and training environment becomes a home for the soul that longs for others who are on fire. 

This spring, we will not be able to train every day like the last 8 - 9 months. Nevertheless, on the weekends, we hope to be that energy which reorients, renews, and gets players excited to play another week of lacrosse!

It has always been a goal to send players away not just more capable, but more confident, and during a season of competition, confidence is everything.

More will be shared about our spring plans, but keep an eye out for weekend schedules, we look forward to reminding players of their love for the game, how great they can be, and how special a community is when it is all aligned with a common love and desire.


Henry Schertzinger

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