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It is a Campaign

We are two weeks into a training campaign that will extend through the winter. Yes, this is a long time, which means limitless possibilities when it comes to a player's potential. Within the Lacrosse Academies History incredible testimonies of transformation are not unique, however, what has never been done or seen before is what’s possible with this extended period of time.

For Harrison and I this is our first fall back in Cincinnati in five years. We are looking forward to the foliage, but even more so the ability to continue where we left off at the end of the summer. In years past we would put in 10 weeks straight of training, squeezing out every last ounce of the summer - then wait until the following summer to begin working with players again.

Now we can keep building. Both of us do our best to keep the culture in constant progress through conversations with each other, speeches during sessions, and individually with players. There have been steady themes building throughout the summer which have been transformational when internalized by players. These are some that have been talked about.

You can’t want something to be both easy and epic. The fact that it’s hard and takes a long time is what makes it epic. It’s also why so few people are able to do it…”

Weekly we discuss the importance of “paying for it now,” or else you will pay for it later in more painful ways through missed opportunities and regret. Sweat, fatigue, soreness, and effort are small prices to pay for a lasting accomplishment.

“Embrace uncertainty.” This can be the most powerful distinction for players. That literally anything is possible, AND if you knew exactly what was going to happen it wouldn't even be worth doing. The believing, striving, revealing, learning, and believing some more are where the magic happens.

Once you realize how much work it takes to go from good to great… you realize you can only be great at a few things and ignore the rest.” (ALL IN) As undeniable as our necessity to breathe, so is this truth of commitment. It gives your pursuit life. Everyone has heard of the 10,000 hour rule, which cannot be condensed or put on 1.75 speed. It takes what it takes - and delaying experience pushes back the timeline which has a finite end. It all gets done or it doesn’t.

Heading forward we are looking forward to the growth of these opportunities, watching new relationships form, and helping take players' games to the next level.

Campaign: "a series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting."

Always appreciative of your support and grace as we begin this all.

Your Progress,

is our Passion.

Your Triumph,

is our Trophy.

God Bless,

Henry Schertzinger

*Being back in town we can now participate in hunting season. We would love to harvest a dear, if you have any land that we could use please text 513-444-5199

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