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It is ALL the product

Dear Player,

The product is just as critical as the vehicle and logistics that gets it there.

We now know the entire human body, every faculty, is critical to performing at your best. Disregarding one of its systems can cause complete destruction. Think of how a family road trip would go if nobody decided to put gas in the car - or realize the tires have been overextended and needed to be changed.

Your body is immensely more complicated than a car, and it continues to blow me away the disproportionate allocation of time to each faculty.

Skill is incredibly important, but if you are injured this is not being showcased.

Loving to play the sport can separate a player's passion, but if they are wrapped up in emotional drama off the field this passion is quickly extinguished by an overextension of mental energy. To go where you REALLY want to - you will need everything finely tuned, and going in the same direction.





Think of all the different aspects that go into each.

The mind; you have to handle school pressure, social circumstances, growth spiritually, personal expectation and judgment, as well as external news that is out of your control.

The body you have to keep up on hydration, flexibility, strength, endurance, speed, and while growing in these areas manage injury and soreness.

This letter is not meant to overwhelm anyone, but instead empower you to take control of the entire operation. Become a practitioner in the areas of your life - it will separate you from the rest that believe each activity they show up for is in a different basket.

YOU are who shows up, and are the leading indicator to what product will be displayed. The focus on elements outside of the field of play could not be more critical.

Freshman year of college I got an email from a teacher that I was hoping to not receive - after that I had the worst practice of my life. This is why the investments psychologically began to be such a high priority. No more did I want my performance to depend on whether life was exactly how I wanted it to be. It was time to fortify myself mentally.

I do not want to break down on this journey.

And I want the same for you.

Keep going - Keep growing.

Live on Purpose,

Henry Schertzinger

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