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Mid season quick reaction!

Half way through my fourth season of college lacrosse what has changed most significantly is how I interpret results. It is said as simply as “all things work together for your good.” What used to frustrate and discourage me, now brings a smile to my face knowing the event is calling me to a higher level.

How will this be taught and shared?

As a lacrosse player, or just a human trying to achieve, having certain results as the key performance indicator can become incredibly damaging. Coaches make the goals and points seem like they are truly all that matters, and if you are not producing, your worth to the team is diminishing. Early in the season this can have a profound impact on your outlook in regards to the end of the year. Your current effort and energy is affected, and daily you do not bring the same joy to the game. Simply because of the heavy emphasis on the “product.” It is sad to see the fire in players' eyes put out half way into the season. I strongly encourage a shift in the focus.

What our parents continually emphasized, and we will share with the players daily is “a great product is the symptom of staying focused on the process.” These are the key performance indicators. Daily disciplines.

Whenever I am not happy with something in my game, I ask “how dialed in have I been on the process?” What got me to where I am as a player.

“Am I still sharpening the blade daily?”

It is so easy to be upset about results, but freedom as a player comes when you truly love and enjoy the process. Playing and competing becomes the pure expression of all the work you have put in.

So what has greatly developed over the twenty years of playing sports? A level of humility and personal accountability that I believe is crucial. As a student, friend, brother or sister, there will be days when your energy or mood feels off. You can feel the current circumstances have you down. Therefore, instead of judging the product for being insufficient, with joy, take responsibility for the renewed focus towards the process.

Early in the season, I encourage all players to care about your results, but over value how you get them. The daily commitments you can make. Five to ten minutes of wall ball will be worth it at the end of the year. Don’t let whatever has happened already this year take you from committing to a process you are proud of. The results will come.

That being said, the Heels are off to a good start. Not great, but good. The lessons we have learned already are GREAT, and personally, I love where my confidence as a player is. As far as achievements there is nothing out of reach. What matters right now is staying focused on the daily disciplines.

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