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4 days in… wow

Early notes of significance, not in order of importance:  

  • The skill of controlling your attitude/spirit is what separates. 

  • Supporting others gives you life. 

  • Get driven, not discouraged.

  • Replicate before you iterate. 

  • We are molding the players shooting/dodging/skill work to detailed principles that we believe are EXTREMELY effective. Be able to hit those positions before you iterate and become an artist.  

  • In  regards to the long duration:

  • Can you stay present one rep at a time and not be mentally extended to the coming minutes/hours?

  • Metaskills are not “ON or OFF,” 

  • You do not just “have passion,” or “not have passion.” 

  • It is, “how much do you have?” 

  • You can always have more or less _____.

  • The hour of skillwork is planting amazing seeds. The focus is impressive, but can always be more focused.

  • The strength programming has been received very positively, the movements are all scheduled to progress in the coming week/weeks. 

  • This week's intro/testing has been awesome. Proud of it - knowing operations are only improving, the conversations daily are exciting and will greatly benefit players.

  • Painful regret “I could have given more.” When it gets hard, don’t shy away. 

  • Continue to HAMMER hydration and nutrition!

Please ALWAYS pickup and drop off at the elementary school.



Henry Schertzinger

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