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Moving Forward

On the drive down South the time reflecting evoked wonderful thoughts of all the seeds that were planted and watered this summer. Without a doubt what sticks with me after the end of the sessions is not every great dodge or shot, but growth in the love of lacrosse, and confidence that comes when doing MORE.

“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.” - Abraham Lincoln

One of my favorite quotes when applied to sports. However, it is one that is easy to read, but to BELIEVE it is where the journey BEGINS and magic happens.

What comes next.

“I BELIEVE IT - What do I do now?”

This uncertainty can be crippling.

It is amazing how often problems boil down to a lack of awareness. Not malicious or poor decisions, but a sheer ignorant choice, and typically not due to their own fault. How can you fully blame a player for not knowing what it takes?

Do I think lacrosse players in Cincinnati are innately less talented and athletic than players from the East Coast or other traditional hotbeds? No. Of course not. It has always been a problem of awareness. Are the kids learning the most recent “software update,” or version of the game? Do the players have a clear understanding of what it takes, and what the dream looks like that they can achieve, and how fun it can be? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. Harrison and I were very lucky to have coaches that challenged us to go all in. Additionally, be blessed with parents that put the references in front of us to learn. We watched lacrosse, and tried to align our conduct with what we saw. No surprise, it took an incredible amount of work and practice.

So, what do we do moving forward? Give players the awareness of all they can do. Right where they are on their journey. Work to paint the clearest picture of every decision made in order to be the BEST lacrosse player possible, BUT for everyone that will look different.

The Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy exists to lay this direction out.

Harrison and I are obsessed with the systems of thought and practice that create the momentum, change, and growth to almost guarantee the obtainment of a goal. Applied to lacrosse - the transformation with players is almost unbelievable. We know they can do it - as long as they are aware of what it takes.

And in final reflection - this deep desire to make every player in Cincinnati aware that they CAN do it - that all it comes down to is making the decision - is not a desire from the ego. Yes it would be amazing to see players representing Cincinnati on the big stage, but truly playing lacrosse in college has been an incredible gift we want all to experience. My brother and I would have never been able to attend the University of North Carolina if it were not for lacrosse. Lord willing this final season will be the best one of our lives, and opportunities to play will continue.

Regardless, this passion to give direction will take place, and a new generation of Cincinnati lacrosse is ahead. One that changes lives. One that inspires players to leave an old version behind and chase the deepest calling we have, which is to give ‘all our heart, and soul, and might” to this life.

Very excited for what is ahead.

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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