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Our Trophy

An end is always a beginning. Concluded two weeks full of ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Good crush it’ for players as they left training. It made me think of a song I used to listen to in High School which had the line “You see… the end is only the beginning, the beginning of the calm before the storm…” 

Players, you are prepared for the storm.

Your progress is our passion. 

This is true, and hopefully was demonstrated through the months of effort and commitment. Starting in June and going all the way through to February. YOUR PROGRESS was our PASSION. 

The first is finished, and now we are on to part two.

Your Triumph is our Trophy.

A line we have shared with our teams on many occasions is “the game is simply a celebration of all the hard work. Go have fun.” This is our hope. May 2024 be the most fun and rewarding season of their lives. 

We will be praying for all our players daily. That they have successful and dominant 2024 campaigns. You do not work this hard to not go make an impact, may the standards stay high.

It will not be possible for us to attend every game, however, we look forward to watching many as the spring unfolds. That is our trophy. Months of hard work - all on display. The joy on players faces in celebration, opportunities given as fruit of hard work, awards that affirm the class they have ascended to.

The best lacrosse for Cincinnati is ahead, and I have a feeling this will be the best one yet. 

Now we begin. 


Henry Schertzinger 

P.S: Your progress is still our passion. See you soon.

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