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What type of player are you? None have an upper limit - who do you want to be?

*Not original concepts.

Level 1 - “no one has proven it cannot be done… I will win no matter what."

  • Trailblazer : Roger Bannister

  • “I will be the best student they ever had.”

  •  Success is not dependent on the quality of teacher because that puts the power in their hands… 

  • These players OWN their outcome. 

  • Resiliently positive outlook on what they are undertaking. 

  • Will get the most out of training regardless of instruction due to their undeniable spirit. 

  • Champions create success regardless of conditions.

  • This type of player paired with the information, resources, and community, will be the best. 

Level 2 : “He can do it, so I can do” 

  • Good perspective.

  • Acknowledges it is not impossible and will replicate what has been done in the past.

  • Positive outlook, however, needs the evidence available for belief to be sparked / maintained.

  • Those who broke the 4 minute mile after Roger Bannister.

Level 3 “It has worked for other people, let's see if it works for me.” 

  • Majority of people.

  • Passively accepting whatever happens. 

  • Success is very dependent on circumstances, resources, and instructor. 

  • “I will see if YOUR program works for me.” 

  • Puts the power in someone else's hands.

  • Does the minimum. No outside of training work.

  • Likely always searching for new ‘teachers.’ 

  • Takes zero responsibility.

Level 4 : “It might work for other people, but it probably won’t work for me.”

  • This is the person who half-asses. 

  • No belief. 

  • Self-sabotaging. 

  • Believes they must be different and it cannot work for them.

Level 5 :  : “I will prove that this will work for everyone but me, I have bad luck, nothing works for me in the end.” 

  • Takes an active role in proving “it” wrong. 

  • Identity is wrapped up in failure. 

Great to think through. Not my mid week thoughts, just something I wanted to share.

May we be a community of trailblazers.


Henry Schertzinger

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