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Simple does not mean EASY

I love this story I heard.

A man was describing a groundbreaking new strategy.The cast and hook went something like this “HERE is the secret if you want to DOUBLE your attendance at Church in five years.” Everyone in the audience was leaning in on the edge of their seat, dreaming about a thriving community of people who love praising the Lord. What followed deflated their enthusiasm. He said “each one of you just has to bring ONE person. Just introduce Jesus to one person.”

I am not sharing this to preach on attendance, but the simplicity of GROWTH. As my brother and I have the opportunity to mentor more and more players through this journey, the word ‘consistency’ is a theme, and honestly seems to scare players. All things considered, this is understandable knowing that I have failed to consistently do routine things like shave, clean my room, or examine my day in the evening - adding ANOTHER task to commit to is challenging for sure.

So, what leverage is needed to know that it will be worth it - committing to going all in?

Do players have a vision / dream of what lacrosse will be like when they are confident in their skills? Can they feel deep down how fun lacrosse is when they are playing the best they ever have.

When I train, there is a longing in my heart for a version of myself that has never been seen. One that plays and does not think. I know what it feels like to be crippled by the thoughts of not being good enough on the field. Coming from Cincinnati, to one of the best teams in the country, was more of a challenge than we ever allude to. The only way we made it through was leaning on our daily practices.

I was so committed to the wall ball / shooting - it was my only hope to play without fear. Now, we still train every day, but with the pursuit of our potential in mind.

Wherever a player is at - the challenge is to commit to something - it can be small. 1 > 0

Five minutes of wall ball a day is amazing. As a coach we can tell immediately when players have been working outside of training. It isn't just in the literal nature of their game - but how they walk, talk, and act knowing they have done more than the normal.

Harrison and I are so excited to begin this winter and fall campaign. Watching players' transformation is what makes all the work worth it. I used to think we trained night and day to play for a National Championship, which is still true, but now my gratitude towards our journey is for the role of teacher, instead of player. No doubt all focus is on making Spring 2023 the best season yet, however, the fulfillment of investing into players is like nothing you can achieve on your own.

  • Encourage additional investments.

  • Cheer on consistency.

  • Help describe a future that is worthy pursuing.

  • Keep it fun.

Please continue to share our resources with your friends. As well as pass on these blogs to anyone who may find value. All of this passion is out of love.

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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