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The ALL IN program is the Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy flagship service. Our constant reminder is “put no limitations on what you can achieve, just commit to the work.” Over the last 25+ weeks we have worked with players Monday - Friday taking their games to levels we had never expected.

“There can be no marked success apart from a love of regularity and discipline...”

The longer time horizon allowed us to pair our principled skill development with consistency that is unlike anything we have done in the past. Typically, training was 10 weeks straight over the summer. It consisted of high intensity volume while learning the most detailed technique possible. The progress was always inspiring, but nothing compared to what we saw this fall and winter. 

Another line we use often is “people overestimate what they can do in a day, but underestimate what they can do in weeks and months.” This has been proven fact.

Now, the spring is here and it is time for the players to take the field. 

Harrison and I are excited to see the season unfold, but are not done with our commitment to player development. 

Our yearly reflection in High School was always how behind we felt going into the summer. Our competition on the East Coast played in the top High School leagues in Baltimore, DC, New York.. and we had to go from playing for Summit Country Day to playing the Baltimore Crabs. It always took a couple weeks to get adjusted to the speed, and by then the summer was almost over. 

Therefore, in an effort to keep players growing, we will be offering weekend training opportunities. We desire to maintain their volume, confidence, as well as trajectory for the important months of recruiting coming up. 

It will be very impactful talking with players through situations they have been seeing in the game, as well as working on unmastered skills in real time as the season progresses.

Again, their Progress is our Passion. Their Triumph is our Trophy.

I look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks.

If you are interested and have a moment, please let us know by using the link below and filling out your contact details,.


Henry Schertzinger

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