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Summer (Part 2) 

“You are lucky you have someone to pass with at all times.” Was a comment I heard over and over again growing up.

Almost as if having a twin made each moment of skill acquisition somehow easier… However, in reflection, the statement holds truth and was certainly a source of advantage. I'll explain.

Community provides a bubble, and with the right bubble, one of high performance.

A bubble of high performance does more than just expose you to elite talent, it impacts and positively changes your timeline. Training with the best fills you with confidence, reminds you daily of what is possible, and calls you to consistency which they embody. 

This “bubble of high performance" is about more than just ability, it is energy. The best exude positivity and encourage those around them to be resilient through adversity. It is the only way.  

A resolution of ours : make our training sessions the most encouraging and inspiring spaces players ever encounter. It doesn’t have to always be fun, but with the right outlook and people you can always have fun doing it. I’ve had one of the best times of my life suffering through a marathon untrained because of the person I was with and my perspective on the event. I was seriously on crutches for 5 days after because of inflamed tendons in my feet, BUT had fun because of my company and outlook. I was clear on WHY I was there, and he had similar reasons.

A piece of our culture:

 Do you know why you are showing up every day? *Proper outlook

How can you make this an unforgettable memory for those around you? 

Reciprocated, this produces something special. 

“Our mission is to elevate the game of lacrosse by empowering athletes to become champions on and off the field through expert coaching, elite training techniques, and a commitment to fostering a positive culture of excellence. Our passion for teaching and leading athletes will build lifelong skills, friendships, and memories."


   “Excellent coaching” is something we pride ourselves on and work obsessively to refine, however, the emphasis on the “positive culture of excellence” is where the impact and difference will be made in the long run. 

It will mean something to be training with the groups that form at the Lacrosse Academy. 

The “You are lucky you have someone to pass with…’ will turn into “You are lucky you get to train there.. With them.” Not because of any particular magic in coaching, which we endeavor to produce, but because of COMMUNITY. It will be an advantage - just like being a TWIN was. Harrison always had my back, held me accountable to a standard, and chased the dream with me. 

Our community is here - to chase the dream with you !


Henry Schertzinger

P.S.A: Sundays training session is posted!

ALL IN page will be finished in the next couple days. A blog will be dedicated to this program and the schedule. Once it is launched I would register as fast as possible. We are capping it to fit the schedule capacity. You will be able to set the “start date” so that you do not get the second charge before the first month of training ends. 

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