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Begin the week with a refreshed spirit and elevated confidence. 

After a full week of practice and competition we want to be a place for players to reorient their skills and perspectives. The Lacrosse Academy has always prioritized encouragement paired with detailed skill development. 

Harrison and I say repeatedly throughout our weeks of training “It is fun to be great,” and genuinely we believe the sport becomes more fun the better you get.

We will always be a resource and place for players who desire to get better. We are looking forward to an amazing spring - It has been awesome hearing of all the success already.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates

Building each week. 

One at a time.

We will work to keep a consistent schedule.

*These trainings will be focused, but not draining or about 'conditioning.' Mostly designated to technique, learning new concepts, and continuing work on efficient movements.

Youth: 1:00-2:15

Training Block: 2:15-4:30

*Elite MS and High School


Henry Schertzinger

*Harrison and I are believers in the sabbath being a day of rest, however, with the circumstances of players having Saturday games or practices this seemed to work best. Only goal is to continue player development - If another day and time works better we will adjust.

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Does this start THIS Sunday?

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