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Taking the ALL IN Program to the next level

With intentional, focused, and high energy training breakthroughs are inevitable, and the only factor which can stop one from happening is a player literally stopping. This is why we love the ALL IN program, this is why the value output per training is so high. 

When you bring players who desire to be THE BEST together, growth becomes undeniable. This fact alone is inspiring, and creates tangible momentum in a player's game which is priceless on the journey. It is what keeps the fire burning, what makes a player want to do wall ball, run extra, strength train, and elevate themselves outside of training.


The last couple weeks have been inspiring. The ALL IN crew continues to grow and raise the standard. With our weekend indoor league ending, we are ready to proceed with the next phase of the ALL IN program. This, being the lacrosse IQ factor, which compared with others on the national stage is where Ohio and Midwest players greatly lack. 

For years players have had to drive to Baltimore/Pennsylvania/Long Island consistently to find environments that give an experiential understanding of high paced spacing and off ball movement. IQ is essential in rising the ranks as a player, you must be able to PLAY and not just do drills. 

This is almost holding players back more than the lack of skill work, shooting, and dodging - therefore, is a factor we aim to elevate and master.

New opportunities: On Saturdays, those in the ALL IN program will play to simulate and grow their lacrosse IQs. Monday - Friday will be for developing skill and dynamic playmaking ability, and the weekend will be for testing it in live action. 

This we see as the next piece of the puzzle. 

Arriving at UNC Lacrosse IQ was where a majority of the growth needed to take place. It is nearly impossible to comprehend the environmental advantage a player from Calvert Hall has who practices every day with 30+ D1 players, and over the summer when prepping to head back to college plays pickup with other ACC, BIG10, and Ivy League competitors.

We endeavor to create this environment. To bring the best together. 

We will keep pushing all those involved! 

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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