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The Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy.

We exist to inspire the next generation, grow the game, and build GREAT lacrosse players.

Our programming empowers athletes to become champions on and off the field through expert coaching, elite training techniques, and a commitment to fostering a positive culture of excellence. Our coaches’ passion for teaching and leading athletes will build lifelong skills, friendships, and memories.

The Lacrosse academy specializes in positional skill clinics as well as a regular training schedule for players fully committed to playing lacrosse at the college level or thinking about it.

Harrison and I proudly represented Cincinnati on the national stage playing 5 years at the University of North Carolina. For the Tar Heels we saw over 100+ game appearances and grew immensely as lacrosse players learning both the offensive and defensive side of the game as midfielders.

The dream to play college lacrosse began around the 7th grade and led to an obsessive pursuit which was focused but not at all calculated. We had the belief, possibly out of ignorance, but not an intentional training plan or someone to guide us through effective and ineffective skills. As twins, luckily we had each other, however there was no access to a community of lacrosse players in Cincinnati who were pursuing the common goal of becoming the best players.

It was not until Summer 2018 that we started to form a community with another college player and then a younger friend from HS. This camaraderie and energy made all the difference. The daily shooting, dodging, wall ball, and skill work was something we all looked forward to. The fellowship fanned the flame even brighter.

Fast forward to today, this is something that we do better than almost anyone. Spark a new belief, level of confidence, and passion for the sport, then create the environment that fans the flame.

Outside of the culture, we are obsessed with how to most efficiently and effectively teach the sport. With every day being precious for a player's growth and potential, we take the process of progress seriously with intentional drills and skill implementation.

Regardless if a player is just beginning, or working to be an All-American, we intend to include in their growth process only what is needed.Our commitment is for players to leave knowing for certain how they got better and being proud of their effort.

With the proper time horizon there is nothing off the table for players in the sport of lacrosse. We believe that the knowledge, opportunities for growth, and support will be here to stay.

Join the community.

Your Progress is our Passion. Your Triumph is our Trophy.

Grace and Peace,
Henry Schertzinger

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