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Today, while talking with our old teammate Ethan Larsen, who is preparing for his senior year at UNC, he made the comment “it is amazing to think, there have always been beasts like this in Cincinnati, but without the training or coaching they would never actually become as good as they could be.” This was after a full day of guarding offensive players and watching groups train. It is so true. No doubt the divine timing of life for players to be a part of this community. It is weekly, we hear our Juniors or Seniors tell the younger girls “I can't imagine if I would have started training here when I was your age…”

Summer 2023 is winding down and results are starting to be reflected upon. There has yet to be a training campaign without incredible transformations for our players, which is inspiring and insightful.

Every case seems to depend on certain factors. These factors are what Harrison and I continually bring clarity to in order to create the most effective and efficient results for our community.

In distinct ways each summer has been different than the last in regards to session style.

In 2020, our very first year leading training, we had the “reap what you sow” mentality. Our sessions were a fair cause and effect experiment where reps led to growth. However, you quickly learn that unguided or unintentional reps are irrelevant. Players do not just get better ‘shooting’ or ‘dodging', but through a process of self auditing each aspect of their skills during consecutive reps. It is the awareness of proper form which leads to the choice to strive and model.

By creating an environment that glorified the reps and intentional training we began to see great progress in players shooting and dodging, however the culture is nothing like we have created this summer, and since then a lot has been added.

Two major themes are ‘your body is your business’ and ‘be hungry.’ This has made all the difference. Adding in athletic strength and conditioning to sessions has not just increased intensity, but raised training to the reality necessary of serious progress. On top of this, daily we have spent time priming players mentally for the mindset which generates the most success while training. One of a fighter going against their weaknesses, one of a warrior getting justice for the truth, one of deep desire with unshakable purpose. The inclusion of this unseen edge has not just elevated the energy of training, but changed the looks in players eyes. It is possibly the most beneficial transformation which has taken place. Mentally where do you go during training?

This summer we have not just brought together players to get ‘reps,’ but fuel and inspire each other's hunger. We have seen this quote playout repeatedly:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”– C.S. Lewis.

There is a deep human desire to work hard and pursue excellence. It has seemed the harder groups have worked, the more fulfilled players leave. Through this everyone begins to realize they are not the only one who desires to put their heart into the sport, but instead, are amongst wonderful company. Harrison and I were blessed to never be alone on this journey of personal progress, as twins we always had each other, and now, thanks to the Lacrosse Academy, no player needs to strive alone.

The training groups will continue to grow, and so will the dreams of future youth lacrosse players in Cincinnati. We could not be more grateful for those who participated in the 2023 summer training campaign. You have taught us so much, and will push us to be greater than ever before.

Thank you parents, for your grace in dealing with young adults working to put together something that positively impacts the Cincinnati Lacrosse community. Logistics will develop, systems for detail distribution will develop, and ultimately, since Harrison and I are not going back to UNC we can continue to build something for these players.

Harrison and I are wrapping up our 7:30 AM-7:30 PM training days and will be able to get out information, schedules, and opportunities for this fall. We are very excited to be staying in Cincinnati to continue what has been started.

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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