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The Posture of a PLAYER

You can’t want something to be both easy and epic. The fact that it’s hard and takes a long time is what makes it epic. It’s also why so few people are able to do it…”

Imagine the story…

“I picked up a stick and was a UNC lacrosse player.”

The uncertainty makes accomplishments so rewarding - AND not just rewarding, but relatable to LIFE. Superimposed on other pursuits it gives you experience. You know sacrifices have been made… effort has triumphed over doubt. 

Am I the same without the ACL tear?

 Am I the same without the failure? 


A player should not want skill acquisition to be easy. It is contradictory to having a brilliant testimony that will inspire, as well as one that gives you the personal confidence to tackle and face mountains in the future. 

Showing up to training with the posture of leisure and ease is not one that will lead to long term success. You holding a stick does not move you closer to mastery. 

We encourage and hope our players arrive expectant to get better! However, through understanding the benefits of effort and focus. 

Time has been sacrificed to be there - NOW the magic is deepening the understanding that almost everything is earned. You have to fight daily to grow. Training is not leisurely, but a battle. 

I believe this culture is beginning to form in a real way. Before training you can feel the anticipation of effort. Those that are hungry to grow know the energy which is required. 

So far it has been a great start to the year! Looking forward to this weekend. Details on the summer programs will be out soon.

Until then, we hope to see you Sunday. 

Please share the training information with anyone you believe may benefit.

The invitation is to play with more confidence and joy.


Henry Schertzinger

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