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The Spark

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." - FDR

Thought this quote was fitting after reflecting on our first 7+ days of training. Numerous conversations took place that consisted of a similar theme “do not put a limitation on how much better you can get this summer.”

I believe when you put together our unique training style, the players hunger for growth, the power of our positive community, and the daily opportunities to train - way more is possible than most imagine.

It is this doubt of “what good would taking a couple extra reps do,” that holds people back.

The truth is, these extra reps can create an entirely new experience which changes a player's life and shifts their trajectory. New memories will be made and friendships will be formed - a once average pursuit will turn into a fully alive passion with dreams and clear direction.

Harrison and I never get tired of seeing the spark in someone's eye after a new level is acquired in a way that was once foreign. The intentional integration of a new skill for their lacrosse game through focused practice. What follows is the “I wonder what could be possible if I kept this up” thought.

We are here for it all. To spark this dream - and be by their side until it is obtained.

Some amazing accomplishments are ahead for these players.

Harrison and I are excited for what is in store this summer.

“The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph." - Thomas Paine

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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