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The Super Power

Almost 40 lacrosse sessions down - it feels like a good time for reflection. Especially heading into club tryouts.

What typically separates people from others is their empowering perspective on situations. How can a player take circumstance and make it their super power instead of the first ‘problem’ when pursuing their dreams. Coming from Cincinnati, with the goal of playing for one of the top teams in the country - how easy it would have been to use this for an excuse. “People from Ohio just don’t get those opportunities.” The truth is, the perspective my brother and I created flipped this upside down.

“I guess we’ll have to work twice as hard, but you better believe, when we get caught up with everyone else, we will be running at a faster pace.” (The Journey was seen as a marathon)

How badly I want players to see the advantage of their circumstance. The sheer work it will take to become 'that' version of themselves is the unshakable edge they will have over everyone.

The next piece of this puzzle - imagination. Something I tell players all the time. ‘Remove any limitation you have for how great you can be.’ All that does is restrict your imagination, which inspires your conduct. I am not saying I have players show up continually with this problem, but what is seen is in the same vein. That is, having little to no imagination. And I don’t believe everyone has the desire to play for Team USA, but even seeing a version of themselves that plays with more confidence is a dream. In any form - a dream brings meaning to practice, and training players with a dream creates a higher level of energy and effort.

That is our passion - assisting in this process. Helping a player have a clear vision and goal for what the training is for. What each day is for.

How is this helping me get closer to “there?’ What exactly does ‘there’ look like? How amazing will it feel to achieve that? Who will benefit?

This will be a core principle of our Lacrosse Program. (You. First) The process of potential. It is time for players to stop being ruled by fear and uncertainty, and unleash themselves on the journey which only works for their good when the perspective is correct. Play with passion - play fearless.

June was awesome - and July is off to an incredible start. Harrison and I are looking forward to the last 3-4 weeks of summer - to continue this mission.

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