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Week 7

“Questioning illusion is the first step to undoing them?”

Transformational weekend for everyone who was able to attend. Harrison and I felt a different level of desire to not just improve, but embrace the discomfort and challenge that comes with it. At whatever level, best on your team, or just picking up a stick, to grow takes commitment and patience. Always a joy when this is seen.

A practice formed in my 8th grade year was the study of “film.” It was simply watching lacrosse highlight videos before bed. It started with college and pro, and then it turned into research of other HS players. All consisted of guys who were 2-4 years older than me and going to play in college. I would watch them impressed by their skill and speed, entertained by their celebrations, and inspired by their passion for the game.

Funny moment, freshman year at UNC there was a junior on our team who had one of my favorite highlight videos of all time. When seeing him I was quick to mention “man, I Loved watching your HS highlights.” Almost purely for the insane passion of his celebrations. At first view I had no clue I would someday be playing with him.

A theme and question that would go through my head EVERY night was:

“Why could I not do that?”

“Why can’t that be me?”

“Why can I not be better than him?”

The truth was, I had no answers. It was up to me to put in the work necessary to be that good if that is what I desired. This is something Harrison and I deeply believe. There is no reason players in Cincinnati cannot be some of the best in the country. That HS team can’t be made up of 10-20 college players of all levels.

Our dream is that all it takes is a desire. We will help bring the direction. Answer the questions of “So what now?”

One day at a time. Questioning the illusion.

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

Founded on Quality

Built on Passion

Measured on Impact

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