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Lacrosse, like many other games of skill, rely on technique. A small adjustment in someone's grip or stick angle can completely transform their performance. Not just this, it more quickly unlocks the next level of the game. 

We have seen this with player after player. One new distinction made in shooting form is what allows them to add 5 mph or find consistent accuracy. It was not strength or reps, but technique which at first takes a player higher. 

At a young age the sport can be intimidating and discouraging when all that is required is looked at with no understanding of how it is done. As soon as the basic principles for each skill are understood the once tall task is made to seem much more manageable. 

“Just focus on keeping your stick pointed at the goal.”

This is just some of the benefits of working with an Academy certified coach. They will clearly explain the focus areas for shooting, dodging, catching, and passing in a way that makes each movement more manageable. AND ideally, help each player have more confidence when playing the sport, which translates to more fun.

This spring when youth players are picking up their sticks, I could not encourage it more. Work with one of our academy certified coaches. They work 1 on 1, meet each player exactly where they are, and help them take the next step.

Our mission is to help the youth play with more confidence, enjoy the sport, and train in a way that scales with their growth instead of the path which develops bad habits and holds them back in the future. 

TEXT 513–444-5199 if you have a child grades 1-7th looking to have individual training with one of our coaches.

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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