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One month left.

In a book I often return to, lesson one is introduced with:

“The author’s aim, in preparing this course, has been a two-fold nature, namely, first - to help the earnest student find out what are his or her weaknesses, and secondly - to help create a DEFINITE PLAN for bridging those weaknesses.”

With a broad application to all categories, this is the goal for our interactions with every player who attends our training sessions.

First, that our instruction and guidance will challenge players outside of their ‘comfort zones,’ revealing where more work can be done.

Second, bringing clarity to the most efficient path for mastery of this skill or technique.

However, the most important part of the quote is in the detail of who is doing the learning. An “earnest student.” This is critically important and is what makes the difference overtime. How ‘hungry’ is a player to learn and get better? Earnest means having a “sincere and intense conviction.”

Players who are genuine in loving the sport, show up with an intentional focus, and have a clear goal and desire will greatly benefit from these sessions. Thankfully, and with much appreciation, this is what we have seen almost all fall. Players who desire to grow and achieve. It is hard to believe, but each week has gotten better. Harrison and I have loved this time to work with new players as well as continue the development of our original community members.

Thank you to all the 'earnest.' Spring 2023 is going to be incredible.

There are only a couple sessions left - we are excited - hope to see you soon!

A message looking forward will be out soon.

Grace and peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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