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SUMMER (part 1)

Every ending is a beginning, and every beginning is an opportunity to create something better. The summer will be a glimpse of what we believe to be possible. 

 Although the 2024 spring season still has a lot of life left, we are preparing for year 2 of the Cincinnati Lacrosse Academy with excitement. 

Whether a player wants to begin their journey, take the next steps in becoming great, be toe to toe with the best in the country, or even prepare to compete for a starting spot in the upcoming college season, the summer programing is meant for you. 

The players will be coached in the weight room as professionally as we aim to instruct them on the field. With experts we think very highly of, the academy will begin an athlete program tailored for lacrosse players.

 More information will be released in the coming 2 weeks about our new coaches. 

Every ending is a beginning, 

and every beginning

 is an opportunity

 to create something better.

Each summer preparing for a new season at UNC Harrison and I refined and changed our approaches, sometimes significantly. 

Oversimplification: 2018 - 2023

First Summer: powerlifting. Weighed 215, not the style of player I needed to be.

Second Summer: Only ran. Started the spring 173. Fast, but not strong enough and physical enough. 

Third Summer: 4+ miles daily, combined with pullups and strength work. 

Fourth Summer: Once a week distance running, sprints 3-4x a week, CrossFit style training, powerlifting principles, major focus on core and rotational power. Best prepared physically. No injuries all season.

The commitment is to build the most impactful, athletic, and overall healthy players possible. (emotionally, physically, and mentally)  The environment will be joy personified, but not without the discipline and commitment necessary.

 “the heart must be fixed on the right thing: 

the moment we have a fixed heart we have a free hand.” 

Ideally, we have a community whose hearts are fixed, and hands are free to train and strive.This is the honest fact that the ALL IN program is not a 4 hour daycare, but a place where professionals go to work and be amongst other like minded players.

Lastly, our standard is NEVER based on current abilities, but future commitment. If that is aligned - the fit is perfect. 

Hope to see you Sunday for training.


Henry Schertzinger 

Possible early Summer questions.

  • Will we have youth opportunities? Yes, at least 2-3 times per week.

  • Will you have training for goalies? Yes.

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