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With some exception, while growing up you are not in complete control of how you allocate your effort and focus. Oftentimes we get in this routine of resting when we can rest, completing tasks to keep our lives pleasant, and participating in what we have been signed up for. Due to this, paths lead to a less than passionate life with few full pursuits. However, sometimes you get a taste of something that is truly worthy of your effort and your soul comes alive! Additionally, this pursuit becomes less about the reward and more about the personal refinement which it facilitates.

My hypothesis for this issue is that most of our culture sells us products and lifestyles that are not worthy of our full effort. Binging on Netflix is not worthy of our effort, watching TikTok is not worthy of our effort, and seeing how many pixie sticks you can eat in an hour is not worthy of your effort. However, is it occupying much of our youth's time (*Maybe not the pixie sticks) and directing very little impactful transformation.

There is a story we all know that I think highlights the value of lacrosse in a beautiful way.

After Hercules completed his twelve labors, he was given the choice between two different lifestyles by the gods.

The first option was a life of pleasure and comfort. This lifestyle offered Hercules everything he could desire - riches, luxury, and ease. However, it also represented a life of idleness, laziness, and indulgence.

The second option was a life of challenge and hard work. This lifestyle required Hercules to continue his labors, face new challenges, and strive for excellence. The lifestyle represented a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

Hercules chose the second option, the life of challenge and hard work.

This is the life worthy of our time and the sport of lacrosse is an incredible vehicle.

Through the development of skill you will learn the lessons of patience, persistence, and humility. In growing athletically you will experience the rewards of suffering and the satisfaction for these efforts. While competing on a team you experience how special it is to do something that is bigger than yourself. The list goes on…

The sport demands you to develop multiple aspects of who you are - physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

This is why we believe regardless of the final outcome sports are worthy of giving your WHOLE heart to. The person you become in the process will be more important and valuable than any trophy or award.

That is at the core of this community. To encourage passion. To encourage effort. To go all in despite the fear of heartbreak. Because, there will be no regret or pain when you realize the value of training and discipline will transcend your career.

Lacrosse is worthy of our effort.

Grace and Peace,

Henry Schertzinger

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